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DopeNeedle – Responsive Web Platform | RAW Creative Studio
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Web Design & Development

DopeNeedle - Responsive Platform

Discover the most dope independent brands.

  • Gregory Barry

    Dragomir and his team are extraordinary designers, always delivering well over expectations. They also know what’s relevant and what works in today’s fast moving technology and culture.

    Gregory Barry

About The Client

Gregory Barry is a serial entrepreneur working on several Internet marketing concepts. While running a custom hat company, Greg worked with more than 2,500 small independent clothing brands from around the world. 99% of these brands had no shot at success because outside of their friends & family, nobody would ever learn of their brand. They didn’t have the funds to advertise nor the connections to get in with the ‘popular kids’.

Project Description

DopeNeedle is a web-based (responsive) social platform for sharing and discovering independent clothing brands. Greg had all these ideas in his mind – Trendsetters, Brand Ranks, Popup Show, etc. – but they had to be developed in a way that they can be used and applicable. We thought of how can we design the platform, and create nice UX & UI.


Once the design was done, we started developing the website with CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript, resulting in a responsive design (suitable for all devices) with slight animations.Diyan Dobreff was responsible for the development.

Logo Creation

For the creation of the logo we have worked together with a Moscow-based illustrator Evgeny Tkhorzhevsky, to do the calligraphy and lettering that would be suitable for the brand. He came up with nice lettering that perfectly matched what we were looking for.


Design & Concept

When Gregory came to us, he had the idea of establishing a platform for independent brands to market their clothes, while going against the corporations and the big names. And so we had to think of look and feel, that is super simple and creative, focused on the products. The voice of the whole brand had to be edgy and male focused.