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Mamas & Papas Billboard | RAW Creative Studio
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Print Design & Ad Copy

Mamas & Papas Billboard

Print Design & Marketing Concept

About the Project

Mamas & Papas’ “We Speak Baby” campaign is developed by Martin Radev, Marketing graduate of Birmingham City University and RAW Creative partner. Behind the idea lays the symbolism of M&P speaking baby as their native language.

The project served as a challenge to our team to come up with a whole new vision, mission and marketing approach for established brand that needed a push to remain a market leader.


“We speak baby” is the way Mamas & Papas can reach to parents and those to-be by informing them that there is someone on the market with big enough experience to understand babies. “We speak baby” is a dream come true for every family – it finally puts aside the moments when parents have troubles to express their feelings or understand the words of their little ones.


Design Challenge

In addition to the awesome message that Martin created, we also had to create the visualisation & design of the campaign. The visual impresses with simplicity, and tries to reach consumers on both emotional and rational scale. The catchphrase “We Speak Baby” is gaining the attention of the viewer and creates the desire to find out more about what the brand is offering. The white space is left intentionally to symbolise the innovative approach of the brand. The bottom of the ad provides more information for the consumer on how to get in contact of the brand, while the coloured logos contribute to the baby look of the print.