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Webit Global Congress | RAW Creative Studio
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Video & Photography

Webit Global Congress

Digital Marketing and Innovation Conference

About Webit Congress

The 5th Global Webit Congress took place in Istanbul on 6-7 November 2013 in Istanbul. Webit Congress is all about bridging digital & tech EMEA & Asia in a 2-day conference full of innovation. The agenda includes over 8000 delegates from 100+ countries.

Keynotes by Yandex, IBM, Google, Facebook, Spotify, Aol, Unilever, fireside chats by OMD, Vivaki, MediaCom, Acer, Nokia, Lenovo, MasterCard, discussion panels with BBC, TechCrunch, Mashable, Mediabrands, Havas, PayPal, Gemius, Qualcomm, Application developers workshops with Blackberry, IBM, PayPal and many more and amazing demonstrations of innovative advertising, marketing and technologies which disrupt the digital and tech industries – all during the 2 days of the Congress.

What we did?

During the 2 days of the conference, there were a lot of events happening – keynotes, chats, discussion panels and workshop with huge names such as IBM, Google, Facebook and Spotify. Our aim was to capture the feeling of being on such a huge conference – resulting in photography and videography materials.

Amazing Promo Video
High-Quality Retouched Photos

Webit Promotional Video

The final video that we produced was meant to be used for the Webit Congress 2014’s advertising campaign, and so it did! It is featuring some amazing footage from the conference, among with testimonials from top tech leaders of the world. Watch the video right below.

  • Plamen Russev

    Dragomir is very talented and creative person – he and his team are extremely easy to work with, and the result of their work is just phenomenal! 

    Plamen Russev